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Logan Memories


Students and alumni have joined together over the years at Logan for fun and games.  This exhibit remembers some of those good times with pictures from both the Normandy and Chesterfield campuses. Field Days, Homecomings, studying, and picnics.  What do you remember from your years as a student?  Have those memories grown over the years as you've returned to campus for continuing education opportunities or visits?  Do you know anyone in these pictures?  Take a little trip down memory lane with Logan Memories.

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Logan Basic Technique


After graduating from Universal Chiropractic College in 1915 and practicing for several years, Hugh B. Logan saw a need for a new adjusting technique.  He temporarily left his practice in 1923 to devote his time to the study of sacral subluxation, ultimately developing the Logan Basic Technique.  He began travelling the country teaching Logan Basic to over 2000 practitioners by 1950.


Posture Queen Contest


Beginning in the 1920's and lasting until the 1970's, posture pageants were held as a way to promote the chiropractic profession.  These pageants were similar to other beauty pagents of the time but with an emphasis on proper spinal alignment.