The Logan Archive is a digital repository of the collections held by the Logan College of Chiropractic/University Programs.  Its goal is to make the contents of the archive more accessible to all with an interest in chiropractic and Logan College and it will be useful to anyone with an interest in Logan’s history and the history of chiropractic.  

History of the archive  

The archive was started in 1982 and managed for many years by early Logan graduates, Drs. Art and Vi Nickson (class of 1939).  Dr. Art Nickson was also the nephew of Logan founder, Dr. Hugh B. Logan.  Upon retirement, the Nicksons visited other chiropractic schools throughout the country and determined that Logan needed what so many of the other schools had developed – namely an archive to document and preserve the school’s history and the history of chiropractic in general.  Thanks to the forward thinking nature of the Drs. Nickson, the school now possesses examples of its history in the shape of photographs, newsletters, writings, graduation programs, videos, and memorabilia.  The Nicksons were also avid collectors of chiropractic instruments and tables which are also housed in the archive.   Under the direction of the Logan College Learning Resource Center, the archive is digitizing many of its holdings and making them available online.  All images are web quality.  For higher quality images, please contact the archive at 800-782-3344 x 1783.

Recently Added Items

Chiropractic Games '92


Program for the 1992 Chiropractic Games

Homecoming program


Program for 1987 Logan College of Chiropractic Homecoming