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Funds provided for the cafeteria renovation by the generosity of Logan College Alumni Star Program 1979

Chiropractor's Oath - In accordance with the law of nature, that law which God has prescribed to all men; and in consequence of my dedication to getting the sick well by the application of that law, I promise and swear to keep, t the best of my…

International College of Chiropractors, Inc.
an order of Merit, Service, and Fellowship
To all whom these presents shall come,
Be it known that by virtue of authority vested in them, the Trustees of the International College of…

The National Academy of Clinicians - be it known that Dr. William Coggins having pledged loyal support of the interests and activities of The National Academy of Clinicians has been duly elected and initiated as a member of this academy, subject to…

Plaque of testimonial of sincere appreciation presented to H.C. Harring, D.C., by the National Chiropractic Association in 1949

Coggins Clock.tif
Photo of a clock given to Logan president Dr. William N. Coggins by the Logan student body on June 7, 1979 to commemorate his retirement
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